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...and so use our system...

By interactive help we will explain to you the use this system.
In addition, please, click on a prechart.


For the consideration of the Tutorials no download and no installation of a PlugIns is required, because all Tutorials are played directly in your browser. However, it is required that you have activated Java in your browser. The loading time of the Tutorials can last up to one minute. It is normal which you see during this loading time only a " gray rectangle ".

1. Navigate and inquire

Select from the navigation your products. With the choice of a product all information is indicated you to the product. If you have decided on a product. Then you ask with us.

2. CAD

You can take over our belts and components as a CAD drawing in your CAD System.

3. Timing belt calculation

You want to calculate(charge) for your belt desire. We offer you the solution. To the use of our calculation tools web browser with Java support is necessary (min. JAVA Version 1.6). The Download for the JAVA-PlugIn you can find here.