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available versions

BRECO self-tracking belts

BRECO self-tracking belts are manufactured in open length (M). They can be joined to self-tracking belts in any length (V). In the join area the half number of tension members assume part of the load. Endless joined BRECO self-tracking belts are generally suitable for all normal tasks (load) in the transport area.

Standard version

The standard version of the self-tracking timing belt is a combined construction of the two materials: wear resistant polyurethane with 92 shore A and high tensile steel cord tension members.
In the standard program are shown only cogged versions.

with solid V-groove

The delivery progam is different in the versions with V-groove and with solid V-groove for pre-assembled belts. The overall flexibility of the belt is influenced. The minimum number of teeth and the minimum diameter is stated in the delivery program.

Double-sided version (DL)

Self-tracking belt with additional teeth on the back of the belt. This type is only available as BRECOFLEX type ATK10K6 with V-groove.