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Brush timing belts

The solution for almost every application

To complement standard applications in power transmission, linear and transport technology, we offer the CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX BRUSH polyurethan timing belt for special applications.


The timing belt is either equipped with a stronger back with brush or - to meet the individual application - with brush flights. The thickness of the back is between 10 and 20 mm, depending on the fibre thickness and cutting length. Flight centre-distance, fibre density and type are individual matched to each application.

  1. Timing belts with thicker back (the necessary flexibility is achieved by notches in the back of the belt.)
  2. Brushes/fibres
  3. Standard timing belts
  4. Flight

Versatile application


  • Transport of sensitive parts, e.g.: glass, ceramics, paper
  • Conveying of materials featuring delicate surfaces
  • Accumulation conveying due to the extremely low coefficient of friction
  • Larger contact surface resulting from the fanned fibre arrangement
  • Reduced conveying noise
  • Dirt and chips cannot accumulate on the contact surface
  • Combination with all transport flights


  • Dry and wet application
  • Surface treatment


Product range

Brush timing belts are available in any length offered in our product range and in the following pitches:

T 5, T 10, T 20, AT 5, AT 10, AT 20

Please contact us for more detailed information on fibre material, data on chemical resistances and admissible temperature ranges.

Natural fibres and hairs

(Cutting length up to 30 mm)

Horsehair, soft
Horsehair mix, semi-hard
Calcutta bristles, semi-hard

Plant fibres

(cutting length 10 to 75 mm)

Mex. fibre, semi-hard
Arenga, hard
Coconut fibre, hard

Artificial bristles

(any cutting length)

Mypren, Ø 0.20 mm
Nylon 6, Ø 0.15 to 0.5 mm straight or corrugated
Nylon 6.6, Ø 0.15 to 0.5 mm straight or corrugated


(any cutting length)

Steel wire Ø 0.15 to 0.4 mm straight or corrugated
Brass wire Ø 0.1 to 0.4 mm straight or corrugated
Phosphate bronze Ø 0.1 to 0.4 mm straight or corrugated