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Flighted timing belt

The timing belt

A high material value gives the basis for the BRECO®, BRECOFLEX® polyurethane timing belt. It is constructed of an extremely wear resistant polyurethane and a high tensile steel cord tension member. Additionally, in conjunction with a tooth side facing with polyamide the timing belt has a low coefficient of friction in the bed plate area. The BRECO® polyurethan timing belt is available in unlimited lengths and stepped from tooth to tooth.

Please refer to the delivery program for the dimensions of the BRECO®, BRECOFLEX® polyurethan timing belts and the pertaining pulleys.

The flight

The flight consists of polyurethane, the same high-quality the timing belt is made of. The standard dimensions of flights are included in the present catalogue.

In addition, further special flights are available. The flight shape for the products to be transported and for the individual transport purpose can be freely designed according to customer requests within the framework of our production possibilities.

The flighted belt

For whatever transport purpose the flighted timing belt is to be used - the back of the belt can be equipped with any number and order of welded-on flights. Adhere to the design regulations according to the "Design features".

The manufacture of timing belts, the production of flights and their welding on the flighted belt are performed in our company.

A - welded on profile
B - bed plate