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Integrated flights

CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyurethane timing belts with cast flights/profiles:

Special possibilities for the technical designer provide CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyurethane timing belts with special profiles, for example with profiles or flights on the back of the belt. This type of belt is to be recommended for conveying, supply or positioning tasks.

Assembly belt

Maximum precision is achieved by the manufacture in one operating step using a timing belt mould (see page Manufacturing process). Customer wishes with regard to the shape of the flights and their number can be taken into consideration at the time of producing the new mould. The reachable profile centre distance is ± 0.05 mm.

Examples of CONTI® SYNCHROFLEX polyurethane timing belts with flights of one mould:


Fields of application:
Synchronising technology to achieve maximum precision

  • EDP equipment
  • Office machinery
  • Fine mechanical technology
  • Packaging machinery
  • Indexing systems
  • Synchronous conveyors
  • Handling technology
  • Transport technology

Please contact us for technical advice if you require more detailed information on special belt dimensions (existing timing belt moulds).