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BRECO® polyurethane timing belts BRECO TIMING BELTS consists of wear resistant polyurethane and high tensile steel cord tension members.

Both high quality materials combined form the basis for dimensionally stable and high resistance BRECO®- and BRECOFLEX® polyurethane timing belts. Added nylon facing makes a low noise timing belt with a high performance.

BRECO® polyurethane timing belts are manufactured from open length material welded to endless belts.
In the join area the reduced number of tension members assume part of the load. The use of endless joined BRECO® polyurethane timing belts is preferred in the conveying technology to handle any centre distance.

The timing belts are temperature resistant with ambient temperatures from -30°C to +80°C. Applications close to the limit temperatures (<-10°C and >50°C), however, might require adapted dimensioning. In this case please contact your Mulco partner.

Corrections of the permitted load values are to be considered for deviations from the standard.

Joined belts for conveying drives

Endless joined timing belts without length limitations are available. For special requirements in transportation timing belts are coated or manufactured with flights/profiles.