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CONTI® SYNCHRODRIVE polyurethane timing belt (open length)


  • single-sided; standard colour black
  • HP reinforced tension member version
  • with nylon tooth facing (PAZ)

High capacity profile STD (super torque drive) with an involute meshing for a perfect meshing behaviour and optimised force - and load distribution according to the design ISO/F DIS 13050

The technical data refer to standard polyurethane (thermoplastic) and standard steel cord tension members (two-filament arrangement S+Z).

On request:

  • Polyurethane special materials
  • additional tension member versions (steel)
  • optional with nylon tooth facing (PAZ) and/or backing (PAR)
  • antistatic
  • In-between width
  • Special lengths
  • endless joined timing belts (V) with more than 1000mm length and 5mm pitch

Standard lengths: 30m and/or 60m

  Cut to length