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Construction and properties

The most common output movement of electro-mechanical drives is the rotational movement. For the technical designer is the timing belt an ideal link in the kinematics. The timing belt transmits reliable, fast and directly rotational movements into linear motions. Travel speeds up to 10 m/s and any centre distances are possible. Within linear motions low position deviations are often required, e.g. in the handling technology (high precision of repeatability). We recommend our product range of BRECO® polyurethane timing belts with the profiles AT and ATL. These polyurethane timing belts are designed and optimised for linear drives. They are distinguished by dimensionally stable teeth and a high stiffness of the belt spans.
Under extreme load and after a short run-in time, the pre-tension of the belts might slightly reduce by the tension members settling, making a once-only re-tensioning of the timing belt unavoidable. No post-elongation of the tension member is to be expected in continuous operation.

The timing belts are temperature resistant with ambient temperatures from -30°C to +80°C.
Applications close to the limit temperatures (<-10°C and >50°C), however, might require adapted dimensioning. In this case please contact your Mulco partner.

With the present catalog we especially want to meet the technical designers requirements. This catalog includes in addition to the product range all technical data required for the dimensioning of linear drives.

Deviations from standard require corrections of the permitted load values.


BRECO® polyurethane timing belts consist of abrasion resistant polyurethane and of high tensile steel cord tension members. Both materials combined form the basis for dimensionally stable and reliable BRECO® polyurethane timing belts. An additional nylon tooth facing causes a low friction timing belt of high performance.
The BRECO® polyurethane timing belts are produced in open lengths without limitation in length. The steel cord tension members are always arranged with parallel edges. The preferable delivery is on rolls of 50 or 100 meters, see delivery program.


  • Positive fit, synchronous run
  • High loadability, length stable
  • High degree of efficiency, max. 98%
  • Wear resistant in continous operation
  • Precision of repeatability of positioning in the linear system
  • Pitch accuracy in the rotational to linear translation of movement
  • Low mass, suitable for stepper drives
  • Hydrolysis resistant, resistant against ozone and sun light
  • Temperature resistant from -30° to + 80°C, temporarily higher
  • Resistant to petrol, simple fats and oils